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Anime Tavern has deep roots in the online anime world. What we do differently is why our users continue to love and trust us.

You've probably been to other anime websites claiming to be a user-friendly community. Illegal streaming sites or online clubs clearly meant to be a money-grab by throwing advertisements in your face. We don't do any of that.

The three developers of Anime Tavern enjoy creating a community where users feel welcomed and are the center focus of all development. You're not a product to be sold and we simply want an online community that can grow and be a place for you to meet new friends or like minds.

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Use your Discord account to join our online anime chat! Set a typical anime profile picture (we know you're a guy who runs around with female pfps) and meet new anime lovers.

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Maybe you weren't even aware you were looking for an anime group. Maybe you didn't even know you needed one. It's even possible that the thought of real life anime clubs turn your head, but in a bad way... (we understand)

Swallow the little bit of pride you have left and become a member of an online anime group - the Anime Tavern. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. The world of anime is full of every possible bit of content to satisfy your cravings for mystery, horror, action, adventure, and more (haha).

Join our Discord server and ask the seasoned, veteran anime members direct questions about what to watch or what's hot right now (or who...). You'll get enough opinions to fill that letter of apology for that bad thing you did back in elementary school you haven't gotten around to sending.