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From Humble Beginnings

A travesty was born

About The Internet's Anime Tavern

Darkness from KonoSuba

The origin of the Anime Tavern actually stems more than a half-decade ago. Anime Tavern was once known as Anime and Manga Club (AaMC) - which officially began as a website on July 7th, 2014.

AaMC began on the Roblox (not affiliated) platform's Group system. The founder of Anime Tavern approached the Roblox group owner, Ryukiyo, and together they decided to build an external website for the group.

This provided the Tavern's first generation of users who helped build the community. Everyone participated in toying with ideas as for what features the website needed. In the beginning, it was the typical anime (and manga) reviews; databases; forums; and a chat system.

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Relationships - Bad Romance

Unfortunately - just like your fake online romances with anime characters - the relation between our Tavern founder and Ryukiyo dissipated due to a lack of communication on both sides.

Unofficially, the two cut ties with the respective platforms. There wasn't an "official" cut, but it was implied as both names and any affiliations disappeared from the opposing group locations. It was at this time that Anime and Manga Club's website then became a separate entity known as Anime Tavern (that name sounds familiar...).

Where Is Anime Tavern Heading?

We Enjoy Being A Corner!

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Throughout the tenure of our website, our "marketing" strategy (if it could be called that) has varied. We now know - officially - that we simply enjoy being that awesome corner of the internet you enjoy coming back to.

We want people to build friendships, great relationships, and even enjoyable rivalries here. Our goal is to make Anime Tavern a place where you build memories for better or worse.

Our team aims to provide features that make usability streamlined and efficient so you can continue to enjoy the time you spend on our platform. Your suggestions power the website - because it's about you. We have no alternative goals - no aim to make top dollar money off of your information, and no intentions to somehow monetize your time.